Juan Carlos Carvajal Melo
Tattoo Artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Education: Associate of Applied Arts in Graphic Design


Currently Present
Lucky’s Tattoo
2811 Main st.
Dallas,Tx 75226

Hold Fast Tattoo
2919 Greenville Ave.
Dallas,Tx 75206

S&S Tattoo
408 W. Davis St.
Dallas, Tx 75208

Bioworld Merchandising
2111 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Tx 75038

I work predominately in Fine Line/Black & Grey tattoos,Traditional tattoos and illustrations for print and media. Black. For small or medium tattoos walk-ins are welcome! Although, for larger pieces please set an appointment for consultation. My illustrations are influenced by comic books and low-brow art, mostly done in vector format, which is best for future reuse and other possibilities. For a consultation, please contact me by email or phone.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Please send me a photo of your tattoo. The finger is tricky to tattoo, especially the side of the finger. There is a very thick layer of epidermis and consists of dead skin cells. In order for the ink to stick, I have to go in deeper. If you are dissatisfied with the tattoo I can reimburse you the cost.

  2. Hey Carlos, I believe you did a Roman numeral 4 on the backs of my arms a few years ago. I’m not entirely sure if it was you but if it was just wanted to say that’s again! They are awesome. Hope all is well and I hope to be back to see you very soon

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